#ZiziChampions: Mirriam Mathebula

Jun 23, 2021

#ZiziChampions: Mirriam Mathebula


At Zizi Digital we believe in empowering women and highlighting their contribution to various industries. In light of Youth Month, we’re putting the spotlight on Mirriam Mathebula. She pioneers new products in the financial services market while leading a movement of professionals and equipping corporate athletes to become the best versions of themselves.

Mirriam Mathebula is currently the Youth Function Lead at Nedbank and continues to support corporate athletes achieve their dreams in her spare time.

Here’s what she has to share:

Could you tell us your journey so far?

My journey is that of a typical small-town girl who had big dreams. Primary and high school was in one small town. I was then mesmerized by the picture painted when one is told about a career in accounting. I wanted a certain lifestyle for myself and at the time it looked like studying for a BCom Accounting qualification was my key to unlocking that lifestyle, little did I know that there would twists and turns along the way!

I completed my degree in record time and done my honours in Financial Management, however, I fell in love with a different career stream that focuses on clients and building solutions. So even though I use my accounting knowledge, I do not practice within the accounting field.

At what moment did you realise that you hold influence in your field of work?

I can’t pick certain moments that present a solid moment where I can say that I have been or an influential. It has been a journey starting with my vision to give back to my bursary fund by dedicating my time and sharing my knowledge with my community for five years in a row.


“I have always known that I love sharing knowledge. Influence comes through bursts of moments when I am asked to be a speaker at corporate events, or when I am called upon as a consultant because the knowledge and skills I have are worth tapping into”


Some great moments are when somebody asks me to be a part of their team because they see something in me, especially when that something is my energy and passion. I truly am passionate about what I do, and the greatest reward is knowing that the passion does shine as bright as I think it does if not brighter. It really is a surreal journey and I suppose those moments remind me or rather show me that I do have influence because I still have to pinch myself sometimes!


As we celebrate Youth Month, do you have any words of encouragement for the youth?

“No dream is too big for you to achieve, dream so big it scares you and pursue it!”

I’d also say do not sleep on your dreams. It sounds so cliché but it’s so true. How many of us go through our days realizing so many ideas that we’ve had being implemented by other people?

Do not seek validation from anybody because not everybody will believe in you and your dream. Remember, when you were called for your dream it was not a conference call, therefore the only person bothered by the realization of that dream is you because it was impressed in your heart.

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