Youth Start-Up Competition

Jun 8, 2021


#Zizi4Youth Competition Ts &Cs

1. Winners will be notified via specific channel where the competition is hosted. Zizi Digital will take all reasonable steps to notify the winner, however, in the event that Zizi Digital is unable to contact the winner within 24 hours of selection, then a new winner will be selected.

2. Entry to the competition is only valid if the following criteria is met:

a. Only entrants aged 18 – 35 who own (solely, jointly or in part) a registered business in South Africa qualify to win the cash prize of R5000
b. All entries must be accompanied by #Zizi4Youth, @zizidigital and a short explanation either as a comment or a post on what their start-up could do with R5000 in cash
c. All participants must follow at least one of the Zizi Digital social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter- @ZiziDigital)
d. All participants agree that Zizi Digital has the right to republish and reshare their content on our own digital platforms.

3. The selected winner may have to provide relevant details including valid identification and business registration details for the prize to be redeemed.

4. Entry is free and multiple entries are allowed.

5. Zizi Digital reserves the right to request such documents or picture as it may deem necessary in order to verify the identity of the participant. By entering the competition, the entrants accept permission for Zizi Digital to use and share content across its digital platforms.

6. The prize winner will be selected only when meeting the winning criteria first, during the competition period date. Prize winners will be notified by Zizi Digital using the appropriate personal details of the persons concerned which it has on record.

7. In the event of technical failure or damage to the device used for the random draw or selection (if applicable) irrespective of the cause thereof, another suitable device or method will be used at the sole discretion of Zizi Digital.

8. By virtue of participation, participants consent to Zizi Digital obtaining, processing and retaining their personal information (Protected Personal Information). Also, participants consent to Zizi Digital retaining their personal information for as long as is necessary, for legitimate business interests of Zizi Digital and that Zizi Digital may take reasonable steps to update or destroy such information.

9. Participants accept that Zizi Digital takes reasonable and practical steps to safeguard Protected Personal Information in its possession. In addition, it is possible for errors or malfunctions to occur. To the fullest extent permissible by law, participants hereby indemnify and hold harmless Zizi Digital, its employees and agents against any liability, damages and/or legal action whatsoever and howsoever arising, including negligence on the part of Zizi Digital, its employees or agents and Zizi Digital shall not accept liability for any damages or any type of loss suffered by participants who enter this competition.

10. Zizi Digital’s decision in respect of all matters pertaining to the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

11. In the event that Zizi Digital makes an indulgence or deviation of these terms and conditions in favour of participants, then such indulgence or deviation shall not be misconstrued to be a breach or waiver of these terms and conditions or any rights of Zizi Digital.

12. The prize is R5000 which may be transferred to the winner via EFT.

13. The final announcement of the winner will be revealed live on Instagram and thereafter published across their social media channels.

14. The #Zizi4Youth competition starts on 8 July 2021 12:00 noon and end on 28 July 2021, 12:00 noon. Any entries after the closing date will not be considered.

15. The following persons are excluded from participation in the promotional competition:

a. A director, member, partner, employee or agent of, or consultant to Zizi Digital (any person who directly or indirectly promotes, sponsors, organisers or conducts a promotional competition, or for whose benefit the promotional competition is promoted, sponsored, organised or conducted);
b. The spouse, life partner, business partner, tenant or associate, or the natural or adopted parent, child, or sibling, of any of the persons specified above.

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